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    Giorgio Dilecce, Paolo F. Ambrico and Santolo De Benedictis
    Optical diagnostics in dielectric barrier discharges at atmospheric pressure
    Jochen Waskoenig, Kari Niemi, Nikolas Knake, Lucy Marie Graham, Stephan Reuter, Volker Schulz-von der Gathen and Timo Gans
    Diagnostic-based modeling on a micro-scale atmospheric-pressure plasma jet
    Shuai Guo, Koji Nakano, Hizuru Nakajima, Katsumi Uchiyama, Akihide Hemmi, Yoshikazu Yamasaki, Shigeharu Morooka, Ryoichi Ishimatsu and Toshihiko Imato
    Chemiluminescence immunoassay for a nonionic surfactant using a compact disc-type microfluidic platform
    Guadalupe de la Rosa, Martha Laura López-Moreno, David de Haro, Cristian E. Botez, José R. Peralta-Videa and Jorge L. Gardea-Torresdey
    Effects of ZnO nanoparticles in alfalfa, tomato, and cucumber at the germination stage: Root development and X-ray absorption spectroscopy studies
    Mark F. Zaranyika and Courtie Mahamadi
    Departure from local thermal equilibrium during ICP-AES and FAES: Characterization in terms of collisional radiative recombination activation energy