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Pure Appl. Chem., 2010, Vol. 82, No. 6, pp. 1201-1207

Published online 2010-04-20

Optical diagnostics in dielectric barrier discharges at atmospheric pressure

Giorgio Dilecce1,2*, Paolo F. Ambrico2 and Santolo De Benedictis2

1 Institute for Photonics and Nanotechnology, CNR, Sede di Trento, via alla Cascata 56c, Povo-Trento, Italy
2 Institute of Inorganic Methodologies and Plasmas, CNR, Sede di Bari, via Orabona, 4-70125 Bari, Italy

Abstract: Our recent work on optical emission spectroscopy (OES) and laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) applied to dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) at atmospheric pressure (ATP) is reported. The interplay of discharge kinetics and diagnostic techniques features is evidenced, with emphasis on collision processes that, with their variety of state-to-state characteristics and rate constants, determine the observation of a peculiar collision-dominated non-equilibrium system.