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Subscription Prices - 2013

(ISSN printed 0033-4545; electronic 1365-3075)

Institutional Subscription
USD 2100; includes free online and free Chemistry International
Electronic Only
USD 1300
Personal Subscription
USD 99
Back Issues
USD 180

Online access

Print subscribers have free online access to the entire contents of the journal through any one of the following third party portals - Swets Information Services (contact Dirk Jan van der Neut <>) and EBSCO (contact Electronic Journals Service Customer Care <>), subject to payment of any access charges made by the portal. Access is also available directly on the IUPAC PAC web site via IP authentication. The Institutional electronic subscription is provided by an IP address driven, web authorized access. This access is defined as access for any computer located at the Authorized Site and remote access by users authenticated to the Authorized Site. Current subscribers who wish to activate electronic access, please send the IP range of addresses to be authorized to the address below.

IUPAC makes freely available the full texts of all articles published in Pure and Applied Chemistry on the IUPAC Web site, for all except the current and most recently completed volumes. In addition, authors may immediately deposit copies of their own articles online, for archival and distribution purposes, but only in the form of the IUPAC published pdf version. IUPAC Technical Reports and Recommendations are freely accessible from date of publication.

Free Specimen Copy

Please address all requests to:

IUPAC Secretariat
PO Box 13757
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-3757