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    Jian-Xin Ji, Jing Wu, Lijin Xu, Chiu-Wing Yip, Kim Hung Lam and Albert S. C. Chan
    Catalytic asymmetric addition reactions leading to carbon-carbon bond formation: Phenyl and alkenyl transfer to aldehydes and alkynylation of α-imino esters
    Masaharu Nakamura
    Indium-catalyzed addition of carbon units to acetylenes: Development of a new C-C bond formation toward exploitation of chemical resources
    Philippe Renaud, Alice Beauseigneur, Andrea Brecht-Forster, Barbara Becattini, Vincent Darmency, Sarkunam Kandhasamy, Florian Montermini, Cyril Ollivier, Philippe Panchaud, Davide Pozzi, Eoin Martin Scanlan, Arnaud-Pierre Schaffner and Valéry Weber
    Boron: A key element in radical reactions