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Y. Li

  • R. Nutiu, Shirley Mei, Zhongjie Liu and Y. Li
    Engineering DNA aptamers and DNA enzymes with fluorescence-signaling properties
  • P. Kocienski, Richard Bell, Elyse Bourque, J. A. Christopher, John Cooksey, Andrew Gunn, Alexander Kuhl, Y. Li, S. Uppal and Josephine Yuen
    Synthetic applications of planar chiral cationic η3-allylmolybdenum complexes
  • Y.-L. Wu, H.-B. Chen, Kun Jiang, Y. Li, F. Shan, D.-Y. Wang, Y.-F. Wang, W.-M. Wu, Y. Wu, Z.-J. Yao, Z.-Y. Yue and C.-M. Zhou
    Interaction of biomolecules with qinghaosu (artemisinin) and its derivatives in the presence of ferrous iron–an exploration of antimalarial mechanism

Yang Li

Yao Li



  • Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China