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Articles by W. Val Metanomski

  • Máximo Barón, Karl-Heinz Hellwich, Michael Hess, Kazuyuki Horie, Aubrey D. Jenkins, Richard G. Jones, Jaroslav Kahovec, Pavel Kratochvíl, W. Val Metanomski, Werner Mormann, Robert F. T. Stepto, Jiří Vohlídal and Edward S. Wilks
    Glossary of class names of polymers based on chemical structure and molecular architecture (IUPAC Recommendations 2009)

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W. V. Metanomski

  • W. V. Metanomski, R. E. Bareiss, J. Kahovec, K. L. Loening, L. Shi and V. P. Shibaev
    Nomenclature of regular double-strand (ladder and spiro) organic polymers (IUPAC Recommendations 1993)



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