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Articles by S. Petrucci

  • E. M. Eyring, D. P. Cobranchi, B. A. Garland, Achim Gerhard, A. M. Highley, Y.-H. Huang, Gabor Konya, S. Petrucci and R. van Eldik
    Lithium ion-crown ether complexes in a molten salt
  • E. M. Eyring, S. Petrucci, M. Xu, L. J. Rodriguez, D. P. Cobranchi, Marilyn Masiker and Paul Firman
    Lithium ion complexation kinetics by cyclic and acyclic polyethers
  • L. J. Rodriguez, M. Xu, E. M. Eyring and S. Petrucci
    Molecular dynamics of macrocycle-metal ion complexes involving heteronuclear binding atoms