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Articles by R. G. Bergman

  • A. A. Bengali, B. A. Arndtsen, P. M. Burger, R. H. Schultz, B. H. Weiller, K. R. Kyle, C. B. Moore and R. G. Bergman
    Activation of carbon-hydrogen bonds in alkanes and other organic molecules by Ir(I), Rh(I) and Ir(III) complexes
  • E. R. Burkhardt, J. J. Doney, G. A. Slough, J. M. Stack, C. H. Heathcock and R. G. Bergman
    Carbon-Carbon bond forming reactions of organotransition metal enolate complexes
  • C. H. Heathcock, J. J. Doney and R. G. Bergman
    Synthesis and carbon-carbon bond-forming reactions of tungsten, molybdenum, and rhenium enolates
  • A. H. Janowicz, R. A. Periana, J. M. Buchanan, C. A. Kovac, J. M. Stryker, M. J. Wax and R. G. Bergman
    Oxidative addition of soluble iridium and rhodium complexes to carbon-hydrogen bonds in methane and higher alkanes
  • R. G. Bergman
    Physical organic studies of organometallic reactions