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1988, Vol. 60, Issue 1

Fourth International Symposium on Organometallic Chemistry Directed Toward Organic Synthesis (OMCOS-IV), Vancouver, BC, Canada, 26–30 July 1987

This conference is part of the Organometallic Chemistry Directed Toward Organic Synthesis series.
Carbon-Carbon bond forming reactions of organotransition metal enolate complexes
E. R. Burkhardt, J. J. Doney, G. A. Slough, J. M. Stack, C. H. Heathcock and R. G. Bergman
p. 1 [Details] [Full text - pdf 381 kB]
Asymmetric synthesis catalyzed by chiral ferrocenylphosphine-metal complexes
T. Hayashi
p. 7 [Details] [Full text - pdf 453 kB]
Asymmetric synthesis via the iron chiral auxiliary [(η5-C5H5)Fe(CO)(PPh3)
S. G. Davies
p. 13 [Details] [Full text - pdf 348 kB]
Organoaluminum reagents for selective reactions
H. Yamamoto and K. Maruoka
p. 21 [Details] [Full text - pdf 327 kB]
Metal mediated routes to 5-membered rings
L. S. Liebeskind, Ramakrishnan Chidambaram, D. Mitchell and B. S. Foster
p. 27 [Details] [Full text - pdf 535 kB]
Metal catalyzed carbonylation and oxidation-reduction reactions
H. Alper
p. 35 [Details] [Full text - pdf 280 kB]
Metal-directed stereoselective functionalization of alkenes in organic synthesis
W. Oppolzer
p. 39 [Details] [Full text - pdf 470 kB]
Chiral acetals in enantio- and diastereoselective substitution or elimination reactions
A. Alexakis, P. Mangeney, A. Ghribi, I. Marek, R. Sedrani, C. Guir and J. Normant
p. 49 [Details] [Full text - pdf 446 kB]
Organocuprate addition to α,β-unsaturated compounds: synthetic and mechanistic aspects
C. Ullenius and B. Christenson
p. 57 [Details] [Full text - pdf 585 kB]
New organometallic reagents for olefin synthesis
J. Schwartz, G. M. Arvanitis, J. A. Smegel, I. K. Meier, S. M. Clift and D. Van Engen
p. 65 [Details] [Full text - pdf 354 kB]
Stereocontrol in organic synthesis using silicon compounds
I. Fleming
p. 71 [Details] [Full text - pdf 441 kB]
Stereospecific synthesis of olefins through sequential cross-coupling reactions
F. Naso
p. 79 [Details] [Full text - pdf 511 kB]
Total synthesis of polyprenoid natural products via Pd(0)-catalyzed oligomerizations
E. Keinan and Doron Eren
p. 89 [Details] [Full text - pdf 573 kB]
Some aspects of the reactivity of hypervalent species of silicon in organic synthesis
R. Corriu
p. 99 [Details] [Full text - pdf 398 kB]
The use of some bifunctional reagents in organic synthesis
E. Piers
p. 107 [Details] [Full text - pdf 499 kB]
1-Alkoxy-1-siloxycyclopropanes as homoenolate nucleophiles of esters
Isao Kuwajima
p. 115 [Details] [Full text - pdf 465 kB]
α-Chiral allylboronates: reagents for asymmetric synthesis
R. W. Hoffmann
p. 123 [Details] [Full text - pdf 384 kB]
Mechanisms of group transfer in anionic transition metal hydrides and alkyls
M. Y. Darensbourg, C. E. Ash, S. C. Kao, R. Silva and J. Springs
p. 131 [Details] [Full text - pdf 321 kB]
Cyclopropanations and cycloadditions of transition metal carbene complexes
W. D. Wulff, D. C. Yang and C. K. Murray
p. 137 [Details] [Full text - pdf 531 kB]