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Articles by R. D. Miller

  • R. D. Miller, M. Baier, A. F. Diaz, E. J. Ginsburg and G. M. Wallraff
    The electronic structure of high molecular weight substituted silane polymers in solution: Fluorescence quenching studies
  • J. Michl, J. W. Downing, T. Karatsu, A. J. McKinley, G. Poggi, G. M. Wallraff, R. Sooriyakumaran and R. D. Miller
    Solution photochemistry of poly(dialkylsilanes): a new class of photoresists
  • J. Michl, J. G. Radziszewski, J. W. Downing, Jan Kopecky, Piotr Kaszynski and R. D. Miller
    Bridgehead double bonds
  • J. Michl, G. J. Radziszewski, J. W. Downing, K. B. Wiberg, F. H. Walker, R. D. Miller, Peter Kovacic, Mikolaj Jawdosiuk and V. Bonacic-Koutecky
    Highly strained single and double bonds

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R. J. D. Miller

  • M. Terazima, N. Hirota, S. E. Braslavsky, Andreas Mandelis, S. E. Bialkowski, G. J. Diebold, R. J. D. Miller, Danièle Fournier, R. A. Palmer and A. Tam
    Quantities, terminology, and symbols in photothermal and related spectroscopies (IUPAC Recommendations 2004)