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Articles by I. Ugi

  • I. Ugi, Johannes Bauer, Regina Baumgartner, Eric Fontain, Dietmar Forstmeyer and Severin Lohberger
    Computer assistance in the design of syntheses and a new generation of computer programs for the solution of chemical problems by molecular logic
  • H. Eckert, W. Breuer, J. Geller, I. Lagerlund, M. Listl, D. Marquarding, S. Stuber, I. Ugi, S. Zahr and H. V. Zychlinski
    New methods in peptide synthesis, based on supernucleophiles
  • I. Ugi, Josef Brandt, Josef Friedrich, Johann Gasteiger, Clemens Jochum, Peter Lemmen and W. Schubert
    The deductive solution of chemical problems by computer programs on the basis of a mathematical model of chemistry

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Ivar Ugi