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2013, Vol. 85, Issue 3

14th International Conference on Polymers and Organic Chemistry (POC 2012), Doha, Qatar, 6–9 January 2012

Hassan S. Bazzi
p. iv [Details] [Full text - pdf 60 kB]
Soluble polymer-supported organocatalysts
Yun-Chin Yang and David E. Bergbreiter
p. 493 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 939 kB]
1,4:3,6-Dianhydrohexitols: Original platform for the design of biobased polymers using robust, efficient, and orthogonal chemistry
Pascal Dimitrov Raytchev, Céline Besset, Etienne Fleury, Jean-Pierre Pascault, Julien Bernard and Eric Drockenmuller
p. 511 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 473 kB]
Renewable resources-based PTT [poly(trimethylene terephthalate)]/switchgrass fiber composites: The effect of compatibilization
Jeevan Prasad Reddy, Manjusri Misra and Amar Mohanty
p. 521 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 858 kB]
Chemical modification of silica support to improve the branching ability of Phillips catalyst
Sumant Dwivedi, Satnam Singh Gujral, Toshiaki Taniike and Minoru Terano
p. 533 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 188 kB]
Multifunctional organic polymeric catalysts and reagents
Jinni Lu and Patrick H. Toy
p. 543 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 715 kB]
Synthesis of multifunctional polymers by combination of controlled radical polymerization (CRP) and effective polymer analogous reactions
Maria Riedel and Brigitte Voit
p. 557 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 1238 kB]
Catalyst-transfer condensation polymerization for precision synthesis of π-conjugated polymers
Tsutomu Yokozawa, Yutaka Nanashima, Haruhiko Kohno, Ryosuke Suzuki, Masataka Nojima and Yoshihiro Ohta
p. 573 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 1068 kB]

IUPAC Technical Reports and Recommendations

Fluorescence anisotropy measurements in solution: Methods and reference materials (IUPAC Technical Report)
Marcel Ameloot, Martin vandeVen, A. Ulises Acuña and Bernard Valeur
p. 589 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 194 kB]
Electroanalytical chemistry for the analysis of solids: Characterization and classification (IUPAC Technical Report)
Antonio Doménech-Carbó, Jan Labuda and Fritz Scholz
p. 609 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 727 kB]