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Pure Appl. Chem., 2012, Vol. 84, No. 1, pp. iv


Rosa Lanzetta and Francesco Nicotra

The European Carbohydrate Organization (ECO), under the auspices of IUPAC and the cosponsorship of the Italian Chemical Society, organized the 16th European Carbohydrate Symposium (Eurocarb-16), in Sorrento (Napoli), Italy on 3-7 July 2011, during the International Year of Chemistry.

More than 700 participants representing 46 different countries participated; the scientific program covered all the chemical, biological, biophysical, and biotechnological aspects of carbohydrates; and more than 150 oral communications, 28 invited lectures, 10 plenary lectures, and 2 awarded plenary lectures, as well as 400 poster contributions were presented.

Following the tradition of the previous meetings, the Emil-Fischer Carbohydrate Award and the Carbohydrate Research Award were presented during the opening ceremony.

The papers published in this issue of Pure and Applied Chemistry (PAC) give a good cross-section of the topics covered at Eurocarb-16, including: synthetic procedures developed on multifunctional molecules such as carbohydrates; design and synthesis of bioactive carbohydrates of pharmaceutical interest; structural studies on very complex carbohydrate molecules and their dynamic interactions; carbo hydrate-based tools for biological applications such as PNA-sugar conjugates; and carbohydratebased synthetic ion transporters and glyco-nanoparticles. These are just some examples of the contributions presented.

We are grateful to the contributors, who permit the readers to have an idea of how carbohydrate chemistry can concur with the development of chemistry in different and multidisciplinary areas, with relevant applications of social interest. Eurocarb-17 will take place in Tel Aviv 7-11 July 2013.

Rosa Lanzetta and Francesco Nicotra
Conference Co-chairs and Editors