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    André B. Charette, Alessandro A. Boezio, Alexandre Côté, Elaine Moreau, Julien Pytkowicz, Jean-Nicolas Desrosiers and Claude Legault
    Asymmetric catalytic addition of diorganozinc reagents to imines: Scope and application
    Fabiana R. Ribeiro, José D. Fabris, Joel E. Kostka, Peter Komadel and Joseph W. Stucki
    Comparisons of structural iron reduction in smectites by bacteria and dithionite: II. A variable-temperature Mössbauer spectroscopic study of Garfield nontronite
    Yuming Zhao, Guang Chen, Karimulla Mulla, Ilias Mahmud, Shuai Liang, Prateek Dongare, David W. Thompson, Louise N. Dawe and Stephen Bouzan
    Tetrathiafulvalene vinylogues as versatile building blocks for new organic materials