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    Ashok K. Prasad, Vineet Kumar, Pragya Arya, Sarvesh Kumar, Rajesh Dabur, Naresh Singh, Anil K. Chhillar, Gainda L. Sharma, Balaram Ghosh, Jesper Wengel, Carl E. Olsen and Virinder S. Parmar
    Investigations toward new lead compounds from medicinally important plants
    P. Arya, S. Quevillon, R. Joseph, C.-Q. Wei, Z. Gan, M. Parisien, E. Sesmilo, P. T. Reddy, Z.-X Chen, P. Durieux, D. Laforce, L.-C. Campeau, S. Khadem, S. Couve-Bonnaire, R. Kumar, U. Sharma, D. M. Leek, M. Daroszewska and M. L. Barnes
    Toward the library generation of natural product-like polycyclic derivatives by stereocontrolled diversity-oriented synthesis
    Massuo J. Kato and Maysa Furlan
    Chemistry and evolution of the Piperaceae
    David Barker, Benjamin Dickson, Nora Dittrich and Claire E. Rye
    An acyl-Claisen approach to the synthesis of lignans and substituted pyrroles