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Articles by Z. Xue

  • H. D. Kaesz, Z. Xue, Y. J. Chen, C. B. Knobler, W. Krone-Schmidt, W. J. Sieber and N. M. Boag
    Reaction of acetylenes with edge double-bridged triruthenium complexes

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Ziling Xue

  • Jonathan B. Diminnie, Xiaozhan Liu, Hu Cai, Zhongzhi Wu, Jaime R. Blanton, Tianniu Chen, Albert A. Tuinman, Keith T. Quisenberry, Catherine E. Vallet, Ray A. Zuhr, David B. Beach, Zhihui Peng, Yun-Dong Wu, Thomas E. Concolino, Arnold L. Rheingold and Ziling Xue
    Reactions of d0 alkylidene and amide complexes with silanes