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Articles by X. Wang

  • K. S. Kasprzak, L. Dencker, B. S. Larsson, R. d'Argy, S. Ullberg, H. Tjalve, D. C. Sigee, K. Randerath, E. Randerath, R. Ekins, J. R. Barrio, R. D. Vis, Y. Liu, T. Qu, X. Wang and F. Parak
    Isotopic and nuclear analytical techniques in biological systems: A critical survey

The following names might also represent this author:

X. C. Wang

Xiao Wang

Xiaohong Wang

  • Xiaohong Wang, Ute Schloßmacher, Klaus Peter Jochum, Lu Gan, Brigitte Stoll, Iosune Uriz and Werner E. G. Müller
    Silica-protein composite layers of the giant basal spicules from Monorhaphis: Basis for their mechanical stability

Xiao-Nan Wang

Xiao-xia Wang

Xin Wang

  • Lingquan Deng, Xin Wang, Suji Uppalapati, Oscar Norberg, Hai Dong, Adrien Joliton, Mingdi Yan and Olof Ramström
    Stereocontrolled 1-S-glycosylation and comparative binding studies of photoprobe-thiosaccharide conjugates with their O-linked analogs

Xindong Wang

XiuJun Wang

Xun Wang