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Articles by Sabine Beuermann

  • Sabine Beuermann, Michael Buback, Pascal Hesse, Frank-Dieter Kuchta, Igor Lacík and Alex M. van Herk
    Critically evaluated rate coefficients for free-radical polymerization Part 6: Propagation rate coefficient of methacrylic acid in aqueous solution (IUPAC Technical Report)
  • S. Beuermann
    Critically evaluated propagation rate coefficients in free-radical polymerizations: Part III. Methacrylates with cyclic ester groups (IUPAC Technical Report)
  • S. Beuermann and M. Buback
    Critically-evaluated propagation rate coefficients in free radical polymerizationsII. Alkyl methacrylkates (Technical Report)



  • Institut für Physikalische Chemie der Universität Göttingen, Tammannstrasse 6, D-37077 Göttingen, Germany
  • Institute of Physical Chemistry, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Tammannstrasse 6, D-37077, Göttingen, Germany