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Articles by S. Otto

  • R. M. Hollingworth, N. Kurihara, J. Miyamoto, S. Otto and G. D. Paulson
    Pesticides report 32: Detection and significance of active metabolites of agrochemicals and related xenobiotics in animals (Technical Report)
  • N. Kurihara, G. D. Paulson, S. Otto, J. Miyamoto and R. M. Hollingworth
    Pesticides report 30: Use of isolated cells to study the metabolism of agrochemicals in animals (Technical Report)
  • Á. Ambrus, M. Buys, J. Miyamoto, S. Otto and N. A. Smart
    IUPAC reports on pesticides, no. 28: Some aspects of the analysis of residues of dicarboximide fungicides in food

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Sijbren Otto