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Articles by R. Lapouyade

  • J.-F. Letard, R. Lapouyade and W. Rettig
    Synthesis and photophysical study of 4-(N-monoaza-15-crown-5) stilbenes forming TICT states and their complexation with cations
  • W. Rettig, Wilfried Majenz, Ralf Herter, J.-F. Letard and R. Lapouyade
    Photophysics of stilbenoid dye systems: A comparison of experiment and theory
  • J. Joussot-Dubien, R. Bonneau, P. Fornier de Violet, R. Koussini and R. Lapouyade
    Comparative kinetic study of the reactivity of molecules i n their excited singlet and triplet states in the cases of an electron abstraction and an intramolecular photocyclization reaction