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  • P. Arya, S. Quevillon, R. Joseph, C.-Q. Wei, Z. Gan, M. Parisien, E. Sesmilo, P. T. Reddy, Z.-X Chen, P. Durieux, D. Laforce, L.-C. Campeau, S. Khadem, S. Couve-Bonnaire, R. Kumar, U. Sharma, D. M. Leek, M. Daroszewska and M. L. Barnes
    Toward the library generation of natural product-like polycyclic derivatives by stereocontrolled diversity-oriented synthesis

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Pragya Arya

  • Ashok K. Prasad, Vineet Kumar, Pragya Arya, Sarvesh Kumar, Rajesh Dabur, Naresh Singh, Anil K. Chhillar, Gainda L. Sharma, Balaram Ghosh, Jesper Wengel, Carl E. Olsen and Virinder S. Parmar
    Investigations toward new lead compounds from medicinally important plants



  • Chemical Biology Program, Steacie Institute for Molecular Sciences, National Research Council of Canada, 100 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R6, Canada