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Lynne A. Samuelson

  • Sunil K. Sharma, Mofazzal Husain, Rajesh Kumar, Lynne A. Samuelson, Jayant Kumar, Arthur C. Watterson and Virinder S. Parmar
    Biocatalytic routes toward pharmaceutically important precursors and novel polymeric systems
  • Arthur C. Watterson, Virinder S. Parmar, Rajesh Kumar, Sunil K. Sharma, Najam A. Shakil, Rahul Tyagi, Ajendra K. Sharma, Lynne A. Samuelson, Jayant Kumar, Robert Nicolosi and Thomas Shea
    Indo-U.S. collaborative studies on biocatalytic generation of novel molecular architectures



  • Materials Science Team, Natick Soldier Center, U.S. Army Soldier Center (RDECOM), Natick, MA 01760, USA