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Articles by L. R. Brown

  • G. Guelachvili, M. Birk, Ch. J. Bordé, J. W. Brault, L. R. Brown, B. Carli, A. R. H. Cole, K. M. Evenson, A. Fayt, D. Hausamann, J. W. C. Johns, J. Kauppinen, Q. Kou, A. G. Maki, K. Narahari Rao, R. A. Toth, W. Urban, A. Valentin, J. Verges, G. Wagner, M. H. Wappelhorst, J. S. Wells, B. P. Winnewisser and M. Winnewisser
    High resolution wavenumber standards for the infrared (Technical Report)
  • J. H. Bradbury, L. R. Brown, M. W. Crompton and B. Warren
    Proton magnetic resonance spectroscopic studies using paramagnetics of primary and tertiary structure of proteins