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J. J. Christensen

  • J. S. Bradshaw, K. E. Krakowiak, B. J. Tarbet, R. L. Bruening, J. F. Biernat, Maria Bochenska, R. M. Izatt and J. J. Christensen
    Silica gel-bound aza-crowns for the selective removal and concentration of metal ions
  • R. M. Izatt, R. L. Bruening, J. S. Bradshaw, J. D. Lamb and J. J. Christensen
    Quantitative description of macrocycle-mediated cation separations in liquid membranes and on silica gel as a function of system parameters
  • R. M. Izatt, G. C. Lindh, R. L. Bruening, J. S. Bradshaw, J. D. Lamb and J. J. Christensen
    Design of cation selectivity into liquid membrane systems using macrocyclic carriers

J. M. Christensen

  • O. M. Poulson, E. Holst and J. M. Christensen
    Calculation and application of coverage intervals for biological reference values (Technical Report)
  • R. Cornelis, B. Heinzow, R. F. M. Herber, J. M. Christensen, O. M. Poulsen, E. Sabbioni, D. M. Templeton, Y. Thomassen, M. Vahter and O. Vesterberg
    Sample collection guidelines for trace elements in blood and urine (Technical Report)

J. Molin Christensen



  • National Institute of Occupational Health, Lerso Parkalle 105, DK-2 100, Copenhagen, Denmark