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  • Juan C. Scaiano, José C. Netto-Ferreira, Emilio Alarcon, Paul Billone, Carlos J. Bueno Alejo, Charles-Oneil L. Crites, Matthew Decan, Chiara Fasciani, María González-Béjar, Geniece Hallett-Tapley, Michel Grenier, Katherine L. McGilvray, Natalia L. Pacioni, Andrea Pardoe, Laetitia René-Boisneuf, Rachel Schwartz-Narbonne, M. Jazmín Silvero, Kevin G. Stamplecoskie and Tse-Luen Wee
    Tuning plasmon transitions and their applications in organic photochemistry
  • Juan C. Scaiano, Paul Billone, Carlos M. Gonzalez, Luca Marett, M. Luisa Marin, Katherine L. McGilvray and Nathan Yuan
    Photochemical routes to silver and gold nanoparticles

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J. C. Scaiano



  • Department of Chemistry, Centre for Catalysis Research and Innovation, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 6N5, Canada
  • Department of Chemistry, University of Ottawa, 10 Marie Curie, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 6N5, Canada