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Articles by J. Costamagna

  • J. Costamagna, J. Canales, J. Vargas and G. Ferraudi
    Electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide by hexa-azamacrocyclic complexes
  • J. Costamagna, J. Canales, J. Vargas, Mercedes Camalli, Francesco Caruso and E. Rivarola
    Precursors of aza-macrocycles: Characterization of substituted phenanthrolines and related bases. Crystal and molecular structure of dichloro-d i-n-butyl(2,2',6,6'-bipyrimidine)tin(IV)
  • J. Costamagna, Luis Araya and Ramón Latorre
    Some solid effects in iron(II) complexes with ligands of potential biological interest