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Articles by Harry Levine

  • Maria Pilar Buera, Yrjö Roos, Harry Levine, Louise Slade, Horacio R. Corti, David S. Reid, Tony Auffret and C. Austen Angell
    State diagrams for improving processing and storage of foods, biological materials, and pharmaceuticals (IUPAC Technical Report)
  • Horacio R. Corti, C. Austen Angell, Tony Auffret, Harry Levine, M. Pilar Buera, David S. Reid, Yrjö H. Roos and Louise Slade
    Empirical and theoretical models of equilibrium and non-equilibrium transition temperatures of supplemented phase diagrams in aqueous systems (IUPAC Technical Report)
  • L. Slade and Harry Levine
    Non-equilibrium behavior of small carbohydrate-water systems



  • Food Polymer Science Consultancy, Morris Plains, NJ 07950, USA
  • Food Polymer Science Consultancy (retired from Cereal Science, Kraft-Nabisco) Morris Plains, NJ 07950, USA