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Articles by Harry A. Frank

  • Hideki Hashimoto, Ritsuko Fujii, Kazuhiro Yanagi, Toshiyuki Kusumoto, Alastair T. Gardiner, Richard J. Cogdell, Aleksander W. Roszak, Neil W. Issacs, Zeus Pendon, Dariusz Niedzwiedski and Harry A. Frank
    Structures and functions of carotenoids bound to reaction centers from purple photosynthetic bacteria
  • A. J. Young, D. Phillip, A. V. Ruban, Peter Horton and H. A. Frank
    The xanthophyll cycle and carotenoid-mediated dissipation of excess excitation energy in photosynthesis
  • H. A. Frank, Veeradej Chynwat, R. Z. B. Desamero, Roya Farhoosh, Joy Erickson and James Bautista
    On the photophysics and photochemical properties of carotenoids and their role as light-harvesting pigments in photosynthesis
  • R. Gebhard, K. van der Hoef, C. A. Violette, H. J. M. de Groot, H. A. Frank and J. Lugtenburg
    13C Magic angle spinning NMR evidence for a 15,15’-Z configuration of the spheroidene chromophore in the Rhodobacter sphaeroides reaction center; synthesis of 13C- and 2H-labelled spheroidenes
  • H. A. Frank, C. A. Violette, J. K. Trautman, A. P. Shreve, T. G. Owens and A. C. Albrecht
    Carotenoids in photosynthesis: structure and photochemistry



  • Department of Chemistry, U-3060, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT 06269-3060, USA