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Articles by H. G. Zachmann

  • G. J. von Bradsky, R. S. Bailey, A. J. Cervenka, H. G. Zachmann and P. S. Allan
    Characterization of finite length composites: Part IV - Structural studies on injection moulded composites (Technical Report)
  • J. C. Seferis, D. R. Moore and H. G. Zachmann
    Intrinsic characterization of continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastic composites-III. A collaborative study of the structure and morphology in continuous fibre reinforced PET[poly(ethylene terephalate)] and PEEK [poly(ether-ether-ketone)] (Technical Report)
  • H. G. Zachmann
    Structural heterogeneities in glassy and molten polymers
  • H. G. Zachmann
    Theory of nucleation and crystal growth of polymers in concentrated solutions