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Articles by G. A. Cordell

  • A. D. Kinghorn, N. R. Farnsworth, D. D. Soejarto, G. A. Cordell, J. M. Pezzuto, G. O. Udeani, M. C. Wani, M. E. Wall, H. A. Navarro, R. A. Kramer, A. T. Menendez, C. R. Fairchild, K. E. Lane, Salvatore Forenza, D. M. Vyas, K. S. Lam and Y.-Z. Shu
    Novel strategies for the discovery of plant-derived anticancer agents
  • G. A. Cordell and Y. G. Shin
    Finding the needle in the haystack. The dereplication of natural product extracts
  • A. Ulubelen, R. R. Gil, G. A. Cordell, A. H. MeriCli and F. MeriCli
    Cytotoxic lignans from Haplophyllum species
  • G. A. Cordell, C. K. Angerhofer and J. M. Pezzuto
    Recent studies on cytotoxic, anti-HIV and antimalarial agents from plants