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Articles by Cheol-Min Park

  • Paul A. Wender, Yolanda Martin-Cantalejo, Andrew J. Carpenter, Anna Chiu, Jef De Brabander, Patrick G. Harran, Juan-Miguel Jimenez, Michael F. T. Koehler, Blaise Lippa, James A. Morrison, Stephan G. Müller, Stephan N. Müller, Cheol-Min Park, Makoto Shiozaki, Carsten Siedenbiedel, Donald J. Skalitzky, Masahiro Tanaka and Kazuhiro Irie
    The chemistry-medicine continuum: Synthetic, computer, spectroscopic and biological studies on new chemotherapeutic leads

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C. Park

  • R. A. Bartsch, S. N. Ivy, Jianping Lu, V. J. Huber, V. S. Talanov, W. Walkowiak, C. Park and Bijan Amiri-Eliasi
    Metal ion extraction by lariat ethers with ‘tunable’ proton-ionizable groups
  • K. Soda, Tatsuo Kurihara, J.-Q. Liu, V. Nardi-Dei, C. Park, M. Miyagi, S. Tsunasawa and N. Esaki
    Bacterial 2-haloacid dehalogenases: structures and catalytic properties