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Articles by B. Ohlin

  • M. W. Skidmore, G. D. Paulson, H. A. Kuiper, B. Ohlin and S. Reynolds
    Pesticides report 40: Bound xenobiotic in food commodities of plant and animal origin (Technical Report)
  • D. J. Hamilton, P. T. Holland, B. Ohlin, W. J. Murray, Á. Ambrus, G. C. de Baptista and J. Kovacicova
    Pesticides Report 39. Optimum use of available residue data in the estimation of dietary intake of pesticides (Technical Report)
  • P. T. Holland, D. Hamilton, B. Ohlin and M. Skidmore
    Pesticides report 31: Effects of storage and processing on pesticide residues in plant products (Technical Report)