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Articles by B. Lippert

  • B. Lippert, Pilar Amo-Ochoa, W. Brüning, Eva Freisinger, M.-S. Lüth, S. Meier, Cordula Meiser, S. Metzger, H. Rauter, A. Schreiber, R. K. O. Sigel and H. Witkowski
    Creating regular arrangements of nucleobases through metal ion coordination and H bond formation
  • H. Sigel and B. Lippert
    The effects of N7-coordinated cis-diammine-platinum(ii) on the acid-base properties of guanine derivatives
  • B. Lippert, W. Micklitz, O. Renn, G. Trotscher, Iris Dieter and Gudrun Frommer
    Platinum coordination chemistry with nucleobases