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Articles by B. Halling-Sørensen

  • P. de Voogt, B. Halling-Sørensen, B. van Hattum, P. T. Holland, F. Ingerslev, A. Johnson, M. Jürgens, A. Katayama, W. Klein, N. Kurihara, J. C. Leblanc, K. D. Racke, T. Sanderson, M. Shemesh and L. S. Shore
    Environmental fate and metabolism: Issues and recommendations
  • F. Ingerslev, E. Vaclavik and B. Halling-Sørensen
    Pharmaceuticals and personal care products - A source of endocrine disruption in the environment?



  • The Royal Danish School of Pharmacy, Universitetsparken 2, Copenhagen 2100, Denmark
  • Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology, 57392 Schmallenberg, Germany