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A. Kumar

  • B. M. Jaffar Ali, Jaby Jacob and A. Kumar
    Phase transitions in multicomponent liquid systems: The key role of electrolytes
  • J. C. Crano, T. Flood, D. Knowles, A. Kumar and B. Van Gemert
    Photochromic compounds: Chemistry and application in ophthalmic lenses
  • V. S. Parmar, K. S. Bisht, H. N. Pati, N. K. Sharma, A. Kumar, N. Kumar, Sanjay Malhotra, A. Singh, A. K. Prasad and J. Wengel
    Novel biotransformations on peracylated polyphenolics by immobilized lipases in microemulsion-based gels and on carbohydrates by Candida antartica lipase
  • K. S. Bisht, A. Kumar, N. Kumar and V. S. Parmar
    Preparative and mechanistic aspects of inter-estification reactions on diols and peracetylated polyphenolic compounds catalysed by lipases


  • Physical Chemistry Division, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune 411008, India