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Articles by A. S. Kumar

  • W. Adam, C. van Barneveld, Oliver Emmert, H. M. Harrer, F. Kita, A. S. Kumar, Wiebke Maas, W. M. Nau, S. H. K. Reddy and J. Wirz
    About monoradicals, triplet diradicals and higher spin states: Understanding electronic substituent effects through EPR and time-resolved UV spectroscopy

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A. Kumar

  • B. M. Jaffar Ali, Jaby Jacob and A. Kumar
    Phase transitions in multicomponent liquid systems: The key role of electrolytes
  • J. C. Crano, T. Flood, D. Knowles, A. Kumar and B. Van Gemert
    Photochromic compounds: Chemistry and application in ophthalmic lenses
  • V. S. Parmar, K. S. Bisht, H. N. Pati, N. K. Sharma, A. Kumar, N. Kumar, Sanjay Malhotra, A. Singh, A. K. Prasad and J. Wengel
    Novel biotransformations on peracylated polyphenolics by immobilized lipases in microemulsion-based gels and on carbohydrates by Candida antartica lipase
  • K. S. Bisht, A. Kumar, N. Kumar and V. S. Parmar
    Preparative and mechanistic aspects of inter-estification reactions on diols and peracetylated polyphenolic compounds catalysed by lipases