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Pure Appl. Chem., 2013, Vol. 85, No. 6, pp. iv


Mark A. Rizzacasa

The 19th International Conference on Organic Synthesis (ICOS-19) was jointly held with the 24th Royal Australian Chemical Institute Organic Division Conference (RACIOrganic24) in Melbourne, Australia from 1 to 6 July 2012. The meeting was co-chaired by Prof. Mark Rizzacasa (ICOS-19 Chair) from the University of Melbourne and Dr. Paul Savage (RACIOrganic24 Chair) from CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering, Melbourne.

This meeting was attended by over 500 scientists from more than 30 countries, making it the largest organic chemistry conference ever to be held in Australia. The extensive program consisted of 12 plenary lectures, 18 invited lectures, the Thieme-IUPAC Prize in Synthetic Organic Chemistry award address delivered by Prof. Melanie Sanford (University of Michigan), and the Birch Medal address given by Prof. Stephen Pyne (University of Wollongong). In addition, there were 60 seminars in the RACIOrganic24 program delivered in 3 parallel sessions and over 240 poster presentations. ICOS-19 topics included the total synthesis of natural products, asymmetric synthesis, organocatalysis, transition- metal catalysis, CH functionalization, new reagents and reactions, prospects in bioorganic chemistry and chemical biology, and the synthesis of organic materials. The 12 papers in this issue of Pure and Applied Chemistry are contributions from both plenary and invited speakers and represent a good cross-section of the themes of this meeting. The tradition will continue in 2014 with the 20th International Conference on Organic Synthesis (ICOS-20), which will be held in Budapest, Hungary.

Mark A. Rizzacasa
Conference Editor