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2013, Vol. 85, Issue 5

Nicole Moreau
p. iv [Details] [Full text - pdf 77 kB]

A collection of invited, peer-reviewed articles by the winners of the 2012 IUPAC Prize for Young Chemists

Nanowire nanoelectronics: Building interfaces with tissue and cells at the natural scale of biology
Tzahi Cohen-Karni and Charles M. Lieber
p. 883 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 5139 kB]
New ligand platforms featuring boron-rich clusters as organomimetic substituents
Alexander M. Spokoyny
p. 903 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 1295 kB]
Hyperconjugation in hydrocarbons: Not just a “mild sort of conjugation”
Judy I-Chia Wu and Paul von Ragué Schleyer
p. 921 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 922 kB]
Recent catalytic approaches to chemical synthesis from carbon feedstocks
Charles S. Yeung
p. 941 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 2236 kB]

IUPAC Technical Reports and Recommendations

Methods of measurement and evaluation of natural antioxidant capacity/activity (IUPAC Technical Report)
Reşat Apak, Shela Gorinstein, Volker Böhm, Karen M. Schaich, Mustafa Özyürek and Kubilay Güçlü
p. 957 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 1203 kB]
Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (IUPAC Technical Report)
Jörg Enderlein
p. 999 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 713 kB]
Glossary of terms relating to thermal and thermomechanical properties of polymers (IUPAC Recommendations 2013)
Michael Hess, Giuseppe Allegra, Jiasong He, Kazuyuki Horie, Joon‑Seop Kim, Stefano V. Meille, Val Metanomski, Graeme Moad, Robert F. T. Stepto, Michel Vert and Jiří Vohlídal
p. 1017 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 358 kB]
Atomic weights of the elements 2011 (IUPAC Technical Report)
Michael E. Wieser, Norman Holden, Tyler B. Coplen, John K. Böhlke, Michael Berglund, Willi A. Brand, Paul De Bièvre, Manfred Gröning, Robert D. Loss, Juris Meija, Takafumi Hirata, Thomas Prohaska, Ronny Schoenberg, Glenda O’Connor, Thomas Walczyk, Shige Yoneda and Xiang‑Kun Zhu
p. 1047 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 1647 kB]