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Pure Appl. Chem., 2013, Vol. 85, No. 2, pp. iv


John C. Plakatouras

It is a privilege to act as the conference editor for this issue of Pure and Applied Chemistry (PAC) dedicated to the 12th Eurasia Conference on Chemical Sciences (EuAsC2S-12). The Eurasia Conferences on Chemical Sciences started in Bangkok in 1988 under the leadership of the founders, Bernd M. Rode (Austria), Hitoshi Ohtaki (Japan), and Ivano Bertini (Italy), together with Salag Dhabandana (Bangkok).

During the preparation of the present issue of PAC, on 7 July 2012, Ivano Bertini, leading scientist in chemistry and biology, passed away. We will always remember him for his unselfish leadership and enormous contribution in paramagnetic NMR.

The aim of the conferences is to foster friendship and exchange of knowledge between chemists in the Eurasian supercontinent as well as those in the Americas and Australia. While all previous conferences have been held in Asia or the Middle East, EuAsC2S-12 took place at the Hotel Corfu Chandris, on the island of Corfu, Greece, on 16-21 April 2012 with the aim of encouraging and enhancing the participation of European scientists and thus help to make them better known. EuAsC2S-12 was organized by the University of Ioannina on the Greek mainland with Emeritus Prof. Nick Hadjiliadis as Chair of the local organizing committee.

The total number of participants was 450, with ca. 400 active delegates from 60 countries. The scientific program comprised 14 sessions, each of which was represented by invited speakers and further oral presentations on the following topics:
- bioinorganic chemistry
- pharmaceutical chemistry and drug design
- organic synthesis and natural products
- environmental and green chemistry
- physical chemistry and spectroscopy
- theoretical and computational chemistry
- organometallic chemistry and catalysis
- clinical biochemistry and molecular diagnostics
- coordination chemistry and inorganic polymers
- analytical and solution chemistry
- supramolecular chemistry and nanomaterials
- food chemistry
- chemical education
- polymer science

The scientific program, which was accompanied by a rich social activities program, included 9 plenary lectures, 214 oral presentations, and 190 poster presentations.

The collection of 13 papers in this issue of PAC is a representation of the topics related to inorganic chemistry, covered in the lectures held during EuAsC2S-12. The papers represent a good cross-section of major themes ranging from traditional coordination chemistry, bio inorganic chemistry, supramolecular coordination chemistry, catalysis, and inorganic materials.

The 13th Eurasia conference will be held in India in December 2014 with Prof. N. Jayaraman, Bangalore as head of the organizing committee.

John C. Plakatouras
Conference Editor