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Pure Appl. Chem., 2013, Vol. 85, No. 1, pp. iv


Jean-François Dufrêche

The 32nd International Conference on Solution Chemistry (ICSC-32) was held 28 August-2 September 2011 in La Grande Motte, France. This conference series covers a wide range of topics related to solution chemistry, such as

- thermodynamics, kinetics, and structure
- polymers, colloids, interfaces, and membranes
- bioinorganic, biophysical, and pharmaceutical problems
- supramolecular assemblies and nanostructures
- analytical and environmental aspects
- solvents and solutions under extreme conditions

Five plenary lectures were given: “Electrochemistry, the challenge of 21st century: From living cells to energy production”, by Dr. Christian Amatore, Paris, France; “Ultrafast studies on chemical and biological systems”, by Prof. Majed Chergui, Lausanne, Switzerland; “Modelling ionic liquids”, by Prof. Paul Madden, Oxford, UK; “Structure and dynamics of liquids and solutions in confinement”, by Prof. Toshio Yamaguchi, Fukuoka, Japan; “Natural ionic liquids and green solution chemistry”, by Prof. Dr. Werner Kunz, Regensburg, Germany.

Two special lectures were given in the frame of the “Année Internationale de la Chimie”: “Solution chemistry and preservation of archeological wood: The case of Vasa”, by Prof. Ingmar Persson, Uppsala, Sweden; and “Molecular gastronomy: A solution chemistry problem”, by Hervé This, INRA, France.

Twenty-one papers based on lectures presented at the ICSC-32 are included in this issue of Pure and Applied Chemistry. These contributions feature the major themes of the conference, serve as a representative view of current activities in the field of solution chemistry, and demonstrate that solutions still prove to be challenging targets for contemporary physical and chemical research.

Jean-François Dufrêche
Conference Editor