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Pure Appl. Chem., 2010, Vol. 82, No. 9, pp. 1845-1853

Published online 2010-05-30

Enantioselective reactions catalyzed by chiral pyridine 2,6-bis(5',5'-diphenyloxazoline)-metal complexes

Pradeep K. Singh1 and Vinod K. Singh1,2*

1 Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur 208 016, India
2 Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, ITI Campus (Gas Rahat) Building, Govindpura, Bhopal 460 023, India

Abstract: A new class of tridentate pyridine-bis(oxazoline) ligand having gem-diphenyl groups at C5 of the oxazoline rings has been developed. Its metal complex exhibited high catalytic efficiency in asymmetric synthesis. We have shown that gem-diphenyl groups at C5 of the oxazoline rings are essential for getting high enantiomeric excess.