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Pure Appl. Chem., 2008, Vol. 80, No. 6, pp. iv


Erich Königsberger

The 30th International Conference on Solution Chemistry (ICSC 30) was held at Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia, 16-20 July 2007. Under the proficient chairmanship of Prof. Glenn Hefter, about 100 participants from more than 20 countries from all parts of the world gathered down under not only to discuss science but also to enjoy the relaxed Australian lifestyle and the picturesque scenery surrounding Perth.

A representative selection of the many excellent and timely contributions presented at the Conference is collected in this issue of Pure and Applied Chemistry. This continues a tradition of regular publication coverage of this series over many years, family/ICSC/, and thus enriches a record of ongoing progress in theoretical and experimental solution chemistry. Subjects covered by ICSC 30 include computer modeling of solution structure and dynamics (Hofer, Bowron); simulation of nanocolloidal suspensions (Turq); ion solvation and association (Buchner); polyelectrolyte hydration (Vlachy); aqueous mixtures of hydrophilic and -phobic ions (Kumar); spin-state transitions in solution (Linert); prediction of multiphase chemical equilibria with applications to hydrometallurgy (Eriksson); chemical speciation of polynuclear complexes (Torres); synthesis, solubility, and stability of minerals (Williams); ternary mixtures involving ionic liquids (MacFarlane); and structure of biological macromolecules in mixed solvents (Yamaguchi). The Conference Editor wishes to thank all authors for their contributions to this issue.

The 31st International Conference on Solution Chemistry will be organized by Prof. Bernd M. Rode, Dr. Bernhard Randolf, and Dr. Thomas Hofer in Innsbruck, Austria, 21-25 August 2009 (

Erich Königsberger

Conference Editor