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Pure Appl. Chem., 2007, Vol. 79, No. 9, pp. iv


Shinichi Itsuno

The 12th International Conference on Polymers and Organic Chemistry (POC'06) was held in Okazaki, Japan, from 2-7 July 2006 and was attended by nearly 200 participants from 20 different countries. This was the second time that POC was held in Japan, the first time was in 1990 (1982, Lyon, France; 1984, Lancaster, UK; 1986, Jerusalem, Israel; 1988, Barcelona, Spain; 1990, Kyoto, Japan; 1994, Venice, Italy; 1996, Wroclaw, Poland; 1998, Maa'ale Hachamisha, Israel; 2000, Tianjin, China; 2002, San Diego, USA; 2004, Prague, Czech Republic).

The aim of this series of symposia is to bring together chemists from different chemical fields to define and discuss the most recent developments in the areas of polymer-supported reagents, polymeric catalysts, polymers in medicine and biochemistry, polymers for separations, electro- and light-sensitive functional polymers, polymers for environmental protection, processes within functional polymers, and so on. Plenary lectures were provided by Profs. Yoshio Okamoto (Nagoya University, Japan) and Jean M. J. Fréchet (University of California, Berkeley, USA). Along with the plenary lectures, nine invited lectures featured recent advances in the field of polymer-based chemistry in organic synthesis by David E. Bergbreiter, Kuiling Ding, Shu Kobayashi, Yoon-Sik Lee, Helma Wennemers, Pradeep K. Dhal, Toshihide Inoue, Eiji Yashima, and Peter A. G. Cormack. These lectures, as well as 27 oral presentations of the selected papers, exhibited the strength, diversity, and novelty with which this scientific field is being practiced. In addition, there were 55 poster presentations.

Ten articles contributed by the lecturers and the conference chairs of POC'06 appear in this issue of Pure and Applied Chemistry in order to provide a summary of last summer's conference.

Shinichi Itsuno

POC'06 Co-chair

Yasuhiro Uozumi

POC'06 Co-chair and Conference Editor