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Pure Appl. Chem., 2005, Vol. 77, No. 3, pp. 531-542

Modeling electrolyte solutions with the extended universal quasichemical (UNIQUAC) model

Kaj Thomsen

IVC-SEP, Department of Chemical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark, DK-2800 Lyngby, Denmark

Abstract: The extended universal quasichemical (UNIQUAC) model is a thermodynamic model for solutions containing electrolytes and nonelectrolytes. The model is a Gibbs excess function consisting of a Debye–Hückel term and a standard UNIQUAC term. The model only requires binary ion-specific interaction parameters. A unique choice of standard states makes the model able to reproduce solid–liquid, vapor–liquid, and liquid–liquid phase equilibria as well as thermal properties of electrolyte solutions using one set of parameters.