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Pure Appl. Chem., 2002, Vol. 74, No. 3, pp. 489-492

How to exploit ion-induced stress relaxation to grow thick c-BN films

P. Ziemann1*, H.-G. Boyen1, N. Deyneka1, P. Widmayer and F. Banhart2

1 Abteilung Festkörperphysik, Universität Ulm, D-89069 Ulm, Germany
2 ZE Elektronenmikroskopie, Universität Ulm, D-89069 Ulm, Germany

Abstract: A recently developed procedure is reviewed allowing thick (>1 mm), high-quality c-BN films (>80 % c-BN) to be grown. It is based on the observation that compressive stress inevitably present in such films can be released by medium-energy (some hundred keV) ion irradiation without destroying the cubic phase.