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Pure Appl. Chem., 1994, Vol. 66, No. 5, pp. iv

Preface; in memoriam O. Isler

G. Britton

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R. J. Weesie, R. Verel, F. J. H. M. Jansen, G. Britton, J. Lugtenburg and H. J. M. de Groot
The mechanism of the colour shift of astaxanthin in α-crustacyanin as investigated by 13C MAS NMR and specific isotope enrichment
1997, Vol. 69, Issue 10, pp. 2085-2090 [Details] [Full text - pdf 476 kB]
G. Britton, R. J. Weesie, David Askin, J. D. Warburton, Lourdes Gallardo-Guerrero, F. J. Jansen, H. J. M. de Groot, J. Lugtenburg, J.-P. Cornard and J.-C. Merlin
Carotenoid blues: structural studies on carotenoproteins
1997, Vol. 69, Issue 10, pp. 2075-2084 [Details] [Full text - pdf 695 kB]
G. Britton
The biosynthesis of carotenoids: a progress report
1991, Vol. 63, Issue 1, pp. 101-108 [Details] [Full text - pdf 657 kB]
G. Britton
1991, Vol. 63, Issue 1, pp. iv [Details] [Full text - pdf 59 kB]
G. Britton
Stable isotopes in carotenoid biochemistry
1985, Vol. 57, Issue 5, pp. 701-708 [Details] [Full text - pdf 174 kB]
George Britton
Later Reactions of Carotenoid Biosynthesis
1976, Vol. 47, Issue 2, pp. 223-236 [Details] [Full text - pdf 493 kB]
J. C. B. McDermott, A. Ben-Aziz, R. K. Singh, G. Britton and T. W. Goodwin
Recent studies of carotenoid biosynthesis in bacteria
1973, Vol. 35, Issue 1, pp. 29-46 [Details] [Full text - pdf 415 kB]