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1992, Vol. 64, Issue 10

29th International Conference on Coordination Chemistry, Lausanne, Switzerland, 19–24 July 1992

This conference is part of the Coordination Chemistry series.
The delta bond - an old story with a new twist
F. A. Cotton
p. 1383 [Details] [Full text - pdf 743 kB]
Coordination chemistry in the solid state: Cluster and condensed cluster halides of the early transition metals
J. D. Corbett
p. 1395 [Details] [Full text - pdf 1088 kB]
Intermediate complexes in chemical and biological nitrogen fixation
A. E. Shilov
p. 1409 [Details] [Full text - pdf 898 kB]
Multiple weak forces in ion-binding molecules
A. Shanzer, J. Libman and S. Lifson
p. 1421 [Details] [Full text - pdf 951 kB]

33rd IUPAC Congress - Inorganic and Physical Chemistry Section, Budapest, Hungary, 17–22 August 1991

This conference is part of the IUPAC Congress series.
Pressure as a mechanistic indicator in substitution reactions of metal complexes
R. van Eldik
p. 1439 [Details] [Full text - pdf 493 kB]
The chemical and photochemical reactions of metal carbonyl cluster compounds on solid surfaces
Haruo Kuroda
p. 1449 [Details] [Full text - pdf 734 kB]
Kinetics of charge transfer processes in photochemical lasers
L. D. Mikheev
p. 1461 [Details] [Full text - pdf 493 kB]
The kinetics and thermodynamics of free radical reactions
M. J. Pilling
p. 1473 [Details] [Full text - pdf 552 kB]
Molecular electronic energy transfer in bichromophoric molecules in solution and in a supersonic jet expansion
S. Speiser
p. 1481 [Details] [Full text - pdf 481 kB]
Space concept in chemistry
I. Hargittai
p. 1489 [Details] [Full text - pdf 813 kB]
Liquid adsorption and immersional wetting on hydrophilic/hydrophobic solid surfaces
I. Dekany
p. 1499 [Details] [Full text - pdf 544 kB]
Homogeneous catalytic oxidation of o-substituted anilines with dioxygen in the presence of cobalt and manganese complexes
L. I. Simandi, T. Barna, Z. Szeverenyi and S. Nemeth
p. 1511 [Details] [Full text - pdf 365 kB]

IUPAC Technical Reports and Recommendations

Atomic weights of the elements 1991
p. 1519 [Details] [Full text - pdf 842 kB]
'Atomic weight': The name, its history, definition, and units
P. de Bievre and H. S. Peiser
p. 1535 [Details] [Full text - pdf 729 kB]
Conversion of temperatures and thermodynamic properties to the basis of the International Temperature Scale of 1990 (Technical Report)
R. N. Goldberg and R. D. Weir
p. 1545 [Details] [Full text - pdf 1031 kB]
Consistent values of rate parameters in free radical polymerization systems (Technical Report)
R. G. Gilbert
p. 1563 [Details] [Full text - pdf 449 kB]
Quantities and units for metabolic processes as a function of time (IUPAC Recommendations 1992)
G. Ferard
p. 1569 [Details] [Full text - pdf 378 kB]