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1983, Vol. 55, Issue 6

IUPAC Technical Reports and Recommendations

An annotated bibliography on accuracy in measurement
J. P. Cali and K. N. Marsh
p. 907 [Details] [Full text - pdf 781 kB]
Definitions, terminology and symbols in colloid and surface chemistry. Part 1.14: Light scattering (Provisional)
M. Kerker and J. P. Kratohvil
p. 931 [Details] [Full text - pdf 206 kB]
A collaborative study on the relation between film blowing performance and rheological properties of two low-density and two high-density polyethylene samples
H. H. Winter
p. 943 [Details] [Full text - pdf 842 kB]
Thermodynamic functions of transfer of single ions from water to nonaqueous and mixed solvents: Part I - Gibbs free energies of transfer to nonaqueous solvents
Y. Marcus
p. 977 [Details] [Full text - pdf 1080 kB]
Proposal of methods for the determination of vinyl chloride and benzene in workplace atmospheres
K. Leichnitz
p. 1023 [Details] [Full text - pdf 281 kB]
Recommended notation for use in the description of biological wastewater treatment processes (Provisional)
P. Grau, P. M. Sutton, S. Elmaleh, C. P. Grady, W. Gujer, M. Henze and J. Koller
p. 1035 [Details] [Full text - pdf 134 kB]
Characteristics and attributes of instruments intended for automated analysis in clinical chemistry
M. Hjelm
p. 1041 [Details] [Full text - pdf 190 kB]