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Pure Appl. Chem., 1983, Vol. 55, No. 11, pp. 1823-1836

On the mechanism of titanium-tartrate catalyzed asymmetric epoxidation

K. B. Sharpless and S. S. Woodard

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K. B. Sharpless, C. H. Behrens, Tsutomu Katsuki, A. W. M. Lee, V. S. Martin, M. Takatani, S. M. Viti, F. J. Walker and S. S. Woodard
Stereo and regioselective openings of chiral 2,3-epoxy alcohols. Versatile routes to optically pure natural products and drugs. Unusual kinetic resolutions
1983, Vol. 55, Issue 4, pp. 589-604 [Details] [Full text - pdf 362 kB]