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1st International Conference on Supramolecular Science and Technology, Zakopane, Poland, 27 September–3 October 1998

M. Pietraszkiewicz
1998, Vol. 70, Issue 12, pp. 2336 [Details]
G. R. Newkome
Suprasupermolecular chemistry: the chemistry within the dendrimer
1998, Vol. 70, Issue 12, pp. 2337-2343 [Details] [Full text - pdf 448 kB]
K. R. Adam, I. M. Atkinson, Sandra Farquhar, A. J. Leong, L. F. Lindoy, M. S. Mahinay, P. A. Tasker and D. Thorp
Tailoring molecular assemblies for metal ion bending
1998, Vol. 70, Issue 12, pp. 2345-2350 [Details] [Full text - pdf 482 kB]
A. J. Blake, N. R. Brooks, N. R. Champness, L. R. Hanton, Peter Hubberstey and M. Schröder
Copper(I) halide supramolecular networks linked by N-heterocyclic donor bridging ligands
1998, Vol. 70, Issue 12, pp. 2351-2357 [Details] [Full text - pdf 479 kB]
C. D. Hall, G. J. Kirkovits, N. K. Djedovic, T.-K.-U. Truong and J. H. R. Tucker
Photo- and redox-active host assemblies
1998, Vol. 70, Issue 12, pp. 2359-2363 [Details] [Full text - pdf 255 kB]
H. Sugimoto and S. Inoue
A photoresponsive molecular switch. Reaction of CO2 and epoxide regulated by an aluminum porphyrin–stilbazole system
1998, Vol. 70, Issue 12, pp. 2365-2369 [Details] [Full text - pdf 345 kB]
T. W. Bell, N. M. Hext and A. B. Khasanov
Binding biomolecules with designed, hydrogen-bonding receptors
1998, Vol. 70, Issue 12, pp. 2371-2377 [Details] [Full text - pdf 429 kB]
Y. Aoyama, Yusuke Matsuda, Jirarut Chuleeraruk, K. Nishiyama, Kazuhisa Fujimoto, T. Fujimoto, T. Shimizu and O. Hayashida
Molecular delivery systems using macrocyclic sugar clusters
1998, Vol. 70, Issue 12, pp. 2379-2384 [Details] [Full text - pdf 398 kB]
J.-H. Fuhrhop, L. Ruhlmann, C. Messerschmidt, Werner Fudickar, Jörg Zimmermann and B. Röder
Rigidity in synkinetic molecular monolayers of functional lipids containing Angstrom Gaps
1998, Vol. 70, Issue 12, pp. 2385-2391 [Details] [Full text - pdf 984 kB]
R. A. Bartsch, S. N. Ivy, Jianping Lu, V. J. Huber, V. S. Talanov, W. Walkowiak, C. Park and Bijan Amiri-Eliasi
Metal ion extraction by lariat ethers with ‘tunable’ proton-ionizable groups
1998, Vol. 70, Issue 12, pp. 2393-2400 [Details] [Full text - pdf 426 kB]
J. L. Sessler, P. Anzenbacher, Jr., K. Jursíková, H. Miyaji, J. W. Genge, N. A. Tvermoes, W. E. Allen, J. A. Shriver, P. A. Gale and V. Král
Functionalized calix[4]pyrroles
1998, Vol. 70, Issue 12, pp. 2401-2408 [Details] [Full text - pdf 523 kB]